"[Sharon is] living disproof that no great actress is a beauty."

Michael Feingold, Village Voice

"The marital acted by Sharon Sharth, bite. The anger and grief are too forceful to be anything but authentic.

Frank Rich, New York Times


"Ms. Sharth's work is always deeply moving... she is exceptional."

John Simon, New York Magazine


Waiting For GracE

          One of top TEN Plays of 2016                                                                         – Huffington Post

 “EXPERT WRITING… inventive staging.”

– Broadway World


OUTSTANDING… witty and charming… a comedic and thought-provoking look at relationships and cultural norms.”

– Living Out Loud


FUNNY, TOUCHING AND INSIGHTFUL. Whether you are a man or a woman, I promise you will enjoy it immensely.”

– The Los Angeles Beat


WELL WRITTEN AND AMUSING… fast-paced yet thoughtful."

–  People’s World


FUNNY… a relationship drama on steroids.”

– Total Theater



REMARKABLE … a serious, delightful comedy that is hilarious and touching with a tour-de-force performance by its playwright and star, Sharon Sharth.”

– Theatre Notes

SHARP, WITTY, POWERFUL AND BRAVE… brilliantly funny [and] moving… both personal and universal.”

– Diversions LA


"ENJOYABLE AND FUNNY…Grace is brilliantly portrayed by playwright, Sharon Sharth…The seasoned ensemble is first class.”

– Will Call for TheateR


HUMOROUS AND RELEVANT… a talented ensemble… seamless pacing.”

– Stage Raw


PROBES AND DELIGHTS… Watch successful, smart, independent, quirky Grace discover herself through trying to find the one.

– USC Annenberg Media


the goat, or who is sylvia?


Sylvia Dress-149_preview.jpeg

"Sharon Sharth's astonishing performance... [is a] true tour de force star turn. On stage for almost the entire evening, she is emotionally 'naked'... Her high-octane, intense, and highly nuanced performance drains her and the audience as well. It's a mesmerizing evening of theatre."                       --Desert Local News


"The play deftly transitions from comedy to tragedy thanks to the emotional navigation skills of Sharon Sharth as Martin's wife, Stevie."     --The Desert Sun


"Stevie, played by fascinating actress Sharon Sharth, reacts on several levels... THE GOAT offers moments that will live in the memory forever, [including] a real redheaded temper tantrum. [Sharth] ... face bare of makeup, flushes red before our eyes when freaked out - something usually only found in close-ups in the movies... There are screams that would strip the vocal cords of us ordinary mortals. We sit humbly at ringside, being allowed to watch life-changing events take place before us. The audience rewarded this work with silent and spellbound attention..."                                                               --CV Independent


"As Stevie Gray, Sharon Sharth has the showiest role and makes absolutely the most out of it. Every moment, whether cracking a joke, expressing shock or unleashing anger caused by her feelings of betrayal and disgust, is an honest and believable one. He pain becomes our pain as she tries so desperately to comprehend the why of her husband's actions."                      --Gay Desert Guide


Gulf View Drive

Winner of Ovation award for Best production of a play

Nominated for Best Featured Actress AND BEST ENSEMBLE Ovation Award


“Charm, humor and distinctive characters… irresistible portrayals.”

– Ventura County

"Deep, lovable characters..."

                – Santa Barbara Independent

“Richest performances you’ll see…”

– Stage Scene LA

“…Insightful, articulate and witty without eclipsing emotional authenticity.”

– LA Times


“Characters we care about…”

– Ventura Breeze


See Rock City

Nominated for Best Featured Actress Ovation Award

See Rock City - SHARON - Pic.png

"Sharth undergoes a stark and unsettling change toward the end of the play …. Sharth’s portrayal of the change in Mrs. Gill is remarkably haunting and effective."

– Broadway World


"Ordinary Lives provide great drama. Sharth as Mrs. Gill is a gracious nurturing bedrock… impeccably portrayed playing a pivotal part in the play’s hard-hitting cliffhanger."

– Critic's Choice, L.A. Times


"A very experienced, quality actress, Sharth brings a much needed sensitivity to her Mrs. Gill, the stalwart emotional flagship of this family, whose breaking could break anyone’s heart."

– Society 805

Sharth turns in an excellent, thoughtful performance that lends further coherence to this unusually well-crafted and moving drama."

– Santa Barbara Independent


"Mrs. Gill (Sharon Sharth) provides the stability the couple needs. How the characters communicate and cope with each other is a fascinating study in conflict, denial and nuances of accommodation."

– Ventura Breeze


"See Rock City – WOW! The wonderful Sharon Sharth all sunshine motherly warmth as Mrs. Gill."

– Stage Scene LA


The Snake Can


"... raw scenes in which all six characters [including Sharon Sharth, Jane Kaczmarek, and Gregory Harrison] express themselves with searing honesty .... the performances chime with veracity."

– LA Weekly

"Sharth shines as a worldly yet vulverable woman."

– Huffington Post


"Sharth is a perky delight, making Meg energized but very real."

– Art in LA


"Meet fetching, successful Meg (Sharon Sharth, funny and convincing) ..."

– Los Angeles Times 


"Sharth, fighting all sorts of conflicting impulses, shows some real dramatic chops here."

– Backstage LA

"Sharth, whose Meg is so smart and beautiful, really stands out as her character wrestles with priorities, putting her needs and desires on the line."

– Broadway World


"Meg, empathetically played by Sharon Sharth, happens to be considered the successful dater of the three as she's the good-looking, charming single lady of the trio..."

– Culture Spot LA


"Sharth scores as the brassy Meg, whose outgoing demeanor conceals her fear of
being alone ..."

– Blogcritics


"Sharth is a natural as Meg, blending spunk and vulnerability in a thoroughly
real portrayal ..."

– Stage Scene LA



Woman In Mind

Nominated for Broadway World’s Best Leading Actress in a Play


"...A dazzling performance by Sharon Sharth in the leading role ... a magnificently powerful performance ... an actress of extraordinary range and talent ..."

– Huffington Post


"[Sharth is] lovely, expressive ... and gives a fearless performance, interestingly dark."

– Los Angeles Times, Critics Choice


"...A powerfully poignant Sharon Sharth ..."

– L.A. Weekly


"Sharth is an amazing Susan, her emotions ranging widely from gaiety to despair. We journey with Susan on her descent into madness."

– Sierra Madre News

"Sharth's Susan is both wide-eyed and perceptive, often laughing to herself when not unleashing her acerbic sarcasm ... Sharth also paints a middle-aged woman who is sensitve and vulnerable."

– Backstage


"Sharon Sharth tackles the role with impressive force. Sharth becomes, in turns, dreamy, bitter, sardonic, defensive and disquieted as she wanders toward the ultimate explosion. It's quite a performance ..."

– Pasadena Star News


"Susan, played by the beautiful and extraordinarily gifted actress, Sharon Sharth, dominates the stage with her portrayal of a woman caught in a loveless marriage."

– Houchin Reviews


A Perfect Ganesh

Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama


"Sharon Sharth's Margaret is magnificent... Her performance is mesmerizing from start to finish... nuanced and award-worthy."

– Influx Magazine


"Margaret, with her amazing red hair and fine features, is played by Sharon Sharth... We watch her grow as she reveals bits and pieces of her past, and we slowly begin to understand the backstories that made her the way she is."

– CV Independent

"... Sharth is remarkable for the dimension she brings to her character as she swings from anger and despair to hope and excitement and eventually balance."

– Desert Sun


"... wonderfully played by Sharon Sharth as Margaret... splendid on-stage emotional chemistry and performances... 'A Perfect Ganesh' is not only deeply moving, but is filled with comedic moments..."

– Desert Local News